West Ward Alliance

A community-based and community-driven initiative, the West Ward Alliance (WWA) is a long-term strategic endeavor to develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of a coordinated system of care to improve child and family wellness in the West Ward of Trenton, NJ.  The WWA builds on Mercer Street Friends’ established array of family support, youth development and early childhood education services and its long-term dedication to the West Ward. For over fifty years, Mercer Street Friends (MSF) has worked to improve the quality of life for low-income residents of the greater Trenton area. While MSF will continue to serve people in need throughout the area, this initiative will specifically target the West Ward where most of the agency’s services are located and where the need is critical.
There are numerous social service agencies, schools, businesses and faith-based organizations dedicated to helping West Ward residents improve their quality of life. Many, like Mercer Street Friends, have a long history of service to and presence in the community that has earned them the trust of community members. Often, though, services are not well coordinated between agencies and, at times, are duplicative. With the WWA, Mercer Street Friends seeks to bridge these gaps in service coordination by engaging community members and local organizations in a comprehensive needs assessment process that identifies community institutional and personal strengths, defines goals and dreams of the people living in the community and details broad-based, innovative solutions to identified challenges and issues.
If you are interested in lending your perspective towards this initiative OR would like to receive periodic updates about the West Ward Alliance, please email your request to westwardallianceinfo@mercerstreetfriends.org