Become part of the Community Response to Hunger

Volunteer at the Food Bank. You can:
• Help distribution food
• Bag up fresh fruits and vegetables
• Inspect, sort, and rebox food donation
• Repack bulk food into family size packing
• Assemble meal packs for children
• Take inventories of and/or label Send Hunger Packing food supplies
• Deliver food to schools for Send Hunger Packing or summer feeding meal sites.
• Input data for computerized record keeping
• Answer our phones and perform clerical tasks
• Provide computer assistance
• Stuff, seal, and stamp envelopes for mass mailings
• Purchase supplies and paint or spruce up our facility

Volunteer for the Food Bank. You can:
• Organize food drives and/or collect food
• Collect and/or purchase food for Send Hunger Packing or summer feeding
• Pick up and transport small food donations
• Translate nutrition messages into foreign languages
• Conduct SNAP Outreach at community sites to help people enroll in the program
• Represent the Food Bank at community fairs and events
• Create a media library
• Design brochures and flyers
• Organize or host a fund-raising event
• Plant a garden of vegetables and/or fresh herbs and donate the crop

Donate to the Food Bank.
• Food and groceries
• Supplies for Send Hunger Packing and summer feeding
• Personal care products
• Warehouse supplies and equipment
• Office supplies
• Monetary gifts

Advocate with the Food Bank.
• Join our Advocacy e-mail list and respond to Calls for Action
• Write letters, speak out, and speak up about hunger issues

For more information, call 609-406-0503 or send an email to: foodbankinfo@mercerstreetfriends.org